Family and Friends



Previous King of Mons Regnum

The previous king of Mons Regnum and Borodon’s father, Borodin was a wise, strong, and respected King.



King of Mons Regnum

The current ruler of Mons Regnum, Galdin was a perfect combination of his mother and father.



Githyanki Soldier

Zin was a Githyanki who knew right from wrong, and swore his life to protecting the freedoms of his people.


Master Typhon

Master Historian of the Order of the Silver Shield

The Master Historian of the Order of the Silver Shield, Typhon has always openly stated his hatred for Kalsaur and let everyone know that it was a bad idea to have a tiefling among them.



Previous Queen of Mons Regnum

The Queen of Mons Regnum and Borodon’s mother, Mileya was not always of noble blood. When she began her time in the castle, it was as one of the royal guard defending the throne.



Queen of the Crystal Kingdom

Hilda is the eldest child of the royal family and was the most like their father. She aimed for peace on as many angles as she could and tried her best to improve relations with their cousins the dwarves of the Crystal Halls.


Dan Bright

Commander of the Order of the Silver Shield

Dan has been with the order since he was a child. They found him in the slums of Sigil, trying to steal food from a local vendor.


Master Ella

Captain of the Order of the Silver Shield

Master Ella was also one of the main commanders in the forces, just underneath Dan.




Yolanda is the younger sibling of Borodon, and the only sibling to enlist in the Royal Guard like her mother.


Amelia Erithspear


Ronee’s three quarter elf daughter, Amelia was born into a noble house.


Chanielle Everwinter

Soldier in the Order of the Silver Shield

Chanielle was picked up from a small coastal village that primarily dealt in dealing fruit and fish. They brought her in seeing a potential in her but the teachings have never really stuck to her.


Master Estra

Master of Mystic Arts in the Order of the Silver Shield

Master Estra was the master of the mystic arts and guided Kalsaur in quieting his mind and learning to ways of the divine, this included religious teachings and meditation.