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Master Typhon

Master Historian of the Order of the Silver Shield



The Master Historian of the Order of the Silver Shield, Typhon has always openly stated his hatred for Kalsaur and let everyone know that it was a bad idea to have a tiefling among them. Ordered by Yagg’dytha to train Kalsaur in the history of the people of the multiverse and things like etiquette and monster habits, Typhon made sure it was horrible for him. Unnecessary amounts of reading, constant verbal abuse, report after report expected, and never given a moment's break. This along with his policing of Kalsaur’s social life, Typhon felt he had a smug victory against the people backing this “hero”. After the attack on the Order he realized his mistakes and grew even angrier with Kalsaur. He knew he needed to find him and keep him alive, long enough for their plans to come to fruition.

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