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Dan Bright

Commander of the Order of the Silver Shield



Dan has been with the order since he was a child. They found him in the slums of Sigil, trying to steal food from a local vendor. They brought him back with him and trained him to be a just and devout follower of Yagg’dytha and a member of the Order of the Silver Shield. He rose up the ranks as he was a natural born fighter and leader, able to make the difficult decisions and face his foes head on. He was very proud and so sure of his order until the day they were sent to get Kalsaur. That was a journey that forever changed him, and now he holds doubt in his heart that they are doing the right thing. Still a little quick to anger and as secretive as the Order would like him to be, Dan has been sent to Faerun to figure out what happened to Kalsaur.

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