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Our Shows

We've had a great many shows that we have absolutely loved. Our streamed games are up on our YouTube as well as video versions of our podcast. 

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Escaping Carcosa

Our second podcast campaign. This story follows two different groups. One group plays a Call of Cthulhu game DM'd by Michaela and they are seeking to free players who are trapped in a game called Carcosa Online. The other group plays a Pathfinder 2e game and is DM'd by Lucas as the players try to beat Carcosa Online so they can be free.

Nostrodamus Corp: Phantom Ice

Set in the far far future where everyone decided mech combat was the best way to resolve conflicts. This story finds a force of mercenaries bankrolled by the Nostrodamus Corporation and the mysterious R20 Mechanics. The job is to respond to a distress signal located on the ice moon Marker orbiting the gas giant Neos. 

These mercenaries are tasked with venturing to the surface and getting to the bottom of the mysterious attacks on the mining outposts set up by the colony. 

What slumbers beneath the ice might just be the death of them and the entire galaxy. 

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Rise of Nyarlathotep

Our first streamed game, Rise of Nyarlathotep follows a group of adventurers known as The Randos. They are hunting after 5 Masks of Power and are trying to destroy them before the Cult of True Chaos can use them for their nefarious deeds. This horror comedy brings you to our homebrew world of Loch Realta.

Ballad of the Chosen Few

Our first podcast campaign, this story takes place around 5 individuals who are snatched up from different dimensions to fight in an eldritch war. Expect drama, body horror, and tense situations. All praise our Shining God!

Lost Tower of Ambrosia.png

The Lost Tower of Ambrosia

The Lost Tower of Ambrosia is a series of one shots that use the custom game Doomed Dungeoneers that was designed by Lucas Duff. These one shots follow chosen people who are let into The Lost Tower of Ambrosia to try to get a pastry that makes you immortal. The only problem is that the tower itself is alive and seeks to consume those foolish enough to enter and grows with each new group of victims. Will you try your hand at the trials of the Lost Tower of Ambrosia?

Nostrodamus Corp: Gradient Descent

This streamed game is a Mothership game DM'd by Ian of Rise of Nyarlathotep. The party is composed of a group of mercenaries who travel to an abandoned robotics facility run by a rogue AI. Will their investigation show them what they need to see or will the AI make short work of these mercs?

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Magnum Opus Logo.png

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is our Delta Green game that was run by Eve of Rise of Nyarlathotep. This dark story follows a group of mercenaries who travel underground to a science facility. There was work being done on creating a powerful meta human. Will the mercenaries find their target and extract the doctor or will the experiment be too much of a success?

The Timeless Journey

Our first wholesome game on the Ballad network is a Ryuutama game that is GM'd by Xander of Heartbeats Podcast and Sailing All Blue. This lovely journey follows a group of travellers who set off to enjoy the wanderlust that will lead them to new stories, new places, and of course to new friends.

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