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Amelia Erithspear




Ronee’s three quarter elf daughter, Amelia was born into a noble house. Her mother was a renowned professor who studied ancient magics and it was found that Amelia housed the abilities of something that was known as a “Planeswalker”. These beings were born in every few billion and even then not all their abilities unlocked. Unfortunately for Amelia her abilities unlocked due to the trauma of losing her mother. When she came home one day she found the police at her house and her mother being hauled out in a stretcher madly screaming that she didn’t kill the people. Her Robot assistant Ajax came out and quickly went to Amelia and they fled. After a few more terrible incidents she found her father after seeing him on TV and with him they planned an escape but unfortunately her father passed. At the last moments Amelia’s full potential unlocked as the life left her father’s eyes and she ripped a portal open and her and Ajax fell through it into the city of Sigil.

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