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Death Shift

Death Shift is an adventuring party in the game Ballad of the Chosen Few, our first podcast campaign. They all come from different worlds and were drafted into the Mythos War to fight against Dorem Highfyre and her armies. 

Humberto He/Him
Borodon, Dwarf Cleric

Borodon the dwarven cleric, son of Borodin is the third born of four in the Royal Family of Mons Regnum. Borodon follows the path of Dumathoin and seeks to bring his ruined kingdom back to its former glory.

Brent He/Him
Kalsaur, Tiefling Paladin

Kalsaur, the tieflings paladin, was born to a small village of tieflings that wholly embraced their demonic nature. He was later raised by the Order of the Silver Shield who swore an oath to defeating all eldritch horrors of the mulitverse.

Evan He/Him
Ronee, Half Elf Bard

Ronee O'Connell, the half elf bard, was born to be a star. Once a successful lounge artist Ronee fell into poverty after being cast

aside by society.

Robert He/Him
M'zi, Githyanki Ranger

M'zi the Githyanki Ranger was born to the war against the Illithid and was taught to hold a sword the moment his hands could grasp a blade. M'zi seeks to rid the worlds of all abominations.

Jason He/Him
Draxir, Dragonborn Artificer

Draxir the Dragonborn Artificer hails from the world of Haymor and was a well known mechanical engineer. Now Draxir forges forward so that he can be reunited with his wife and children.

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