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Master Ella

Captain of the Order of the Silver Shield



Master Ella was also one of the main commanders in the forces, just underneath Dan. She was in charge of Kaslaurs combat training and forced him to undertake difficult and rigorous training, but always felt bad for pushing him too far. She had lost her husband when they went to go get Kalsaur and a part of her resented him for it but she felt bad blaming a kid who had no say in the matter. One day during training she swung the training sword too hard and broke Kalsaur’s arm. Feeling terrible she helped fix him up but realized that she had been so hard on him and he was still just a teenager at the time. She told herself it wasn’t his fault, and vowed to train him, not kill him with her teachings. The day of the attack she felt that creature get in her. She felt it invade her very being.

She fought it off for an hour, just enough time to save Kalsaur from Dan who had gone mad. But then it took her. She suddenly became a passenger in her own body and watched the horrors that creature inflicted upon her students, friends, and colleagues. Just before her body killed Estra, she managed to pull the arm back for a split second, just enough time for Estra to take out the Ghoulish One in her form and save the students.

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