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Master Estra

Master of Mystic Arts in the Order of the Silver Shield



Master Estra was the master of the mystic arts and guided Kalsaur in quieting his mind and learning to ways of the divine, this included religious teachings and meditation. Estra came from a long line of seers and when the Order came to collect her she already knew what she must do. She has been with the order for over fifty years and is a devout follower of Yagg’dytha. She was the one who had the vision of Kalsaur and helped make the plans with Ella and Dan for sending out their forces to bring him back. She never truly saw Kalsaur as an individual, nor a hero, it was more that she saw Kalsaur as a means to an end. She treated him indifferently and never tried to give him much affection, just enough praise to keep him on track. When the attack happened she was shocked, as she never saw it happening this way. The creature that lived in that smooth white stone, The Ghoulish One was one they only had heard of in tale, never encountering before. In the final moments in Yagg’dytha’s chambers it was due to Master Estra’s sacrifice that The Ghoulish One did not harm anymore people from the Order.

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