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Githyanki Soldier



Zin was a Githyanki who knew right from wrong, and swore his life to protecting the freedoms of his people. From the same group that was raised as children on Greyhawk alongside M’zi, Zin brought M’zi into the resistance that sought to overthrow the Queen. From a young age he saw that there was something wrong with the way his people lived under on ruler who seemed to only care about herself and sought to right these wrongs and more than a few times it almost got him killed. If it wasn’t for M’zi and his influence, Zin would have met his fate much sooner.

The day before they went on their mission that would be Zin’s end, he met a Gith that wore crimson robes. They told him about an object that would give him great power over the Illithid and that he should take it with him and gave him the smooth white stone. Little did he know it housed The Ghoulish One in it and he had just accepted a fate worse than death. When the time came that he used the power in the stone, he fully intended to then take it and face the queen, but his body wasn’t strong enough to hold the power and he was destroyed. Since then his soul has been wandering those caves, lost and confused.

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