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Yolanda is the younger sibling of Borodon, and the only sibling to enlist in the Royal Guard like her mother. A natural born fighter Yolanda quickly raised in rank and joined the group The Order of the Boar where she got her giant boar Dusktusk, an albino boar that was magically linked to her. Always a loyal and trusting soul, Yolanda dedicated herself to her practice and her city, seeking to end injustice wherever she found it. The day that Borodon was executed was a day that she would never forget. She shouted so much at her siblings, her mother, and her uncle, fighting for Borodon saying he would never do such a thing.

She just knew he was innocent. In his last breathe when he shouted and saved her life, it unlocked the abilities inside her. A portal ripped open around her and she and Dusktusk fell through and ended up in Sigil, right as a certain three quarters elven teen was falling with a robot.

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