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Ballad of the Chosen Few

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The Ballad of the Chosen Few follows a group known as Death Shift who fight in an eldritch war that threatens to destroy all of existence. Together they fight against Dorem Highfyre and her Church of the Shining God who seek to bring about a world destroying entity. The story takes place in the Forgotten Realms and spans 4 Seasons.


Death Shift

Death Shift is composed at first of four adventurers who are all from different worlds. They are drafted into the war by a being known as Truth and begin to work for the Chosen.


Draxir later joins Death Shift in Season 2 as he is tasked with assisting the group as their missions get more and more dangerous.


Dorem Highfyre

Dorem Highfyre is the leader of the Church of the Shining God, a cult that is dead set on bringing in a being they refer to as the Shining God. Their rhetoric is that the Shining God will destroy all gods who have been resetting reality time and again but the Chosen are of the belief that the Shining God will consume all of reality and nullify it.

Fighting alongside Dorem are her three generals. The Ghoulish One aka Father Matthews who seeks to destroy all who stand in the Church's path. The Beast, a horrific monstrosity that has enough power to level a town in its feral rage. Lastly, The Wraith, a being who exists in the mirror dimension and is seemingly invulnerable while being able to hurt you.

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