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Escaping Carcosa

Welcome to Escaping Carcosa! This campaign is made up of two different games. One is a Call of Cthulhu group dubbed Escaping Carcosa Offline, that follows a group of investigators that are trying to free people trapped inside a video game known as Carcosa Online. The other game is a Pathfinder 2e game dubbed Escaping Carcosa Online. This follows a group of players trapped inside of Carcosa Online and trying to survive the death game and make it to the end.

Haunted House

The story takes place in the city of Seattle in the year 2050. Social liberties are at an all time high but unforunately the human race did not take care of the environment properly and the world is suffering because of it. Focus has been on two things as of late. Space travel and entertainment to keep people sane in space. While the weather continues to get worse and healthy biomes are shrinking, the governments around the world are doing what they can to slow the destruction. Most everyday citizens though, tend to turn a blind eye towards it all in favour of escapism.

Enter Carcosa Online created by the Nostrodamus Corporation! This state of the art VR game is here to take you on a journey to the fantasy lands of Carcosa. You can feel, taste, and fully experience the life you would live in this fantastical world as a completely different being. So get ready dear travellers, because you are about to embark on the journey of Escaping Carcosa.

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