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Chanielle Everwinter

Soldier in the Order of the Silver Shield



Chanielle was picked up from a small coastal village that primarily dealt in dealing fruit and fish. They brought her in seeing a potential in her but the teachings have never really stuck to her. A feeling of doubt always touched her mind when she thought about the Order and it’s teachings, she never saw the “good” they kept talking about that they were doing and she didn’t understand why Kalsaur got special treatment for everything.

All she wanted was to go back home and be free from this Order but there was no escape while in the pocket dimension. She didn’t even believe there was even a great and powerful evil until the day the Order was attacked. She saw everyone be slaughtered and had to kill a fellow student in a moment of panic. Since then she has devoted her time to finding Kalsaur and fighting these creatures that will soon cover the entire multiverse.

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