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Queen of the Crystal Kingdom



Hilda is the eldest child of the royal family and was the most like their father. She aimed for peace on as many angles as she could and tried her best to improve relations with their cousins the dwarves of the Crystal Halls. For years their people had been at odds with one another, always on the brink of war but in the years she spent on dealing with their nobility she managed to not only win over their minds, but their hearts. During her time there she became close with the crown prince, who at first would have nothing to do with her and her people but she was persistent and needed his ear if she was to have peace between their people. This dedication and courage he saw in her wore away his defenses and he couldn’t help but fall for this golden armed dwarf who held her head high in a city that scorned her.

They worked on making their people unite and shortly before her father’s death, they married and Borodin was able to grant them his blessings and walk his daughter to the stone pedestal that stood between their kingdoms where the wedding took place. Now Hilda stands proud as Queen of the Crystal Halls and princess of the kingdom of Mons Regnum.

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