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Previous Queen of Mons Regnum



The Queen of Mons Regnum and Borodon’s mother, Mileya was not always of noble blood. When she began her time in the castle, it was as one of the royal guard defending the throne. Her arms were that of steel, not gold, and she served the royal family proudly. It was during this time of protecting Borodin, the prince who was next in line to be king, when a romance began to bloom. During one of their excursions to the goblin tunnels there was a cave in. They were stuck, just the two of them and had to fight their way out. It took days and they had each other’s backs and before they knew it, they only had eyes for one another. Not one for politics and small talk, Mileya took more to training the military forces rather than peace talks, she left that to her husband. She worked on their joint operations with the Rock Trolls and helped train the new forces from Stone Home. When her husband passed, it felt like the most important part of her was gone. She knew she had her children, and she had to protect her legacy, but the mornings were long and the nights were cold. She missed him and just wanted to hold his hand and tell him what a great job his children were doing. She now focuses on her children, so that when she leaves this world she can be satisfied knowing they can not only protect themselves but protect their kingdom.

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