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Wrapping up 2020!

Greetings Travellers,

Wow, what a year it's been! It's hard to think that 2020 is already coming to an end but at the same time it has felt like an era all on its own. December has been quite a rush for all of us over here at Ballad. We have had a number of projects spinning about, my editing computer had to get upgraded so we fell behind a little on our scheduling (But don't worry we will catch up), and we have casted our crew for Rise of Nyarlathotep!

I'll start with the attachment on this post! A Cup of Holiday Cheer is a fun little Single Page TTRPG I made for our Christmas special that aired yesterday. It is one that is geared towards festive fun, those heart warming holiday moments, and absolute chaos. So if you enjoyed how that session went and thought maybe you wanted to run something like that, here are the rules to do so! I'll also be posting in a day or two the rules we used for Mass Combat that we used in an episode to come. It displays all the rules for a war and how to let your players control units on the map!

Secondly, we have wrapped up a bunch of tiny projects along the side as our Season 2 gets closer and closer to a finale. We will be airing a few specials in the next few months including Evermeet Defense of the Elves where a group of Nostrodamus Employees go to Evermeet to deal with The Shining Bird from our Shining Birthday specials. There is the Train Murder Mystery which will be airing next week and I am excited for you all to hear, as it was a blast to play and I found out real fast that it is hard to run a murder mystery TTRPG game with no visuals! We also have our Waterdeep special that will be detailing Detective Bill and two friends he picked up to help him as he goes to Waterdeep to investigate what is happening there and what kind of hold the Shining God has over the city.

Lastly we have casted our Rise of Nyarlathotep crew! It was a very difficult process because everyone who applied was beyond fantastic. Honestly I was pretty close to the point of creating a second show just to select more of the potential cast mates, it was that good. We will be making a post about it in the near future on our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and will start getting things moving for our move to get that show on Twitch and Youtube!

We've made it through 2020, Travellers. That in itself is a win in my books and let us work towards a fantastic 2021! We here at Ballad of the Seven Dice hope all of you have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!

I bid you all a festive adieu,



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