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September Update

Greetings Travellers, We have some important updates!!

Artwork by Jess who you can find on Instagram 1. We have switch our Patreon from Tiers to Pay What You Want with a minimum of 1 dollar. We know times have been difficult for a lot of people and we want people to have access to Ballad goodness. So now there is only 1 tier and you get access to everything. Any and all help is greatly appreciated as it helps us improve the show! To learn more about updating your tier to Traveller, check out this link! 2. Rise is on it's second season and wow, it's a doozee! Be sure to catch it on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM CST on Twitch and Youtube, we also upload the episodes after on Youtube. This arc is completely driven by scenes the players wrote up themselves and they are so dang good! 3. Lost Tower of Ambrosia is finishing its first season on Oct 18th! Then in November we are looking at starting another shorter campaign (5-7 episodes long) so be sure to keep your eyes open for that announcement! 4. I've recorded the last 4ck-4ck episode so I will be editing it and getting on our Patreon soon! I've been late with this because we got a new puppy and she is a handful but super fun and cute! Until next time, Travellers! I bid you all adieu,



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