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Social Media and Burning Out

So the past few months I was getting pretty worn out. Personal things were happening in my life that were very difficult and I felt like I didn't even like doing Actual Play stuff anymore. I was losing steam on working on projects, didn't want to stream, and even just the idea of collaborating seemed like such a huge chore that I couldn't be bothered to work with anyone.

I started honestly wondering if after five years of doing this was I finally done. Did I get it out of my system, this want for telling stories. Then one day in my kitchen I was scrolling through the usual Twitter drama vague posts and it hit me. It's not that I'm disliking working on Actual Plays. Having a creative outlet was actually a huge part of me. It was social media. I really am tired of social media. Don't get me wrong, I met so many amazing, talented, and wonderful people through it and you all know who you are but now it was such an emotional drain on me that it poisoned everything I was doing.

So, I started pulling back from posting everyday. I started slowly cutting down my time seeing what was going on in the TTRPG Sphere. I removed the shortcuts to the apps from my home screen. And who would have guessed but suddenly I was happier. I had more energy. I had sudden creative inspiration for so many projects, stories, characters, etc. I was so concerned with trying to keep a social media presence and being aware what was happening in the community that I focused on that more than what I was originally enjoying. Telling stories and making cool projects with friends. So instead of setting up a bunch of posts, I made videos for fun. I drew, I messed around with video editing.

What I'm trying to say in this weird rambling from a person 99% of you don't know is if you feel this way, step back. If you are a content creator, get back to doing what you love. Yes, social media is important to build up awareness, fanbase, ect, but what's the point if it burns you out? Create because you love it. Create because it brings you joy and fulfillment. And honestly, socializing and networking with your peers will do far more for you than what hours of social media work can do.

So with this being said, we are going to be going pretty barebones for social media, at least for a while. We'll post about shows coming up, twitch stream, and post some clips but most of our stuff will just be posted to our website so we have a hub for Ballad news. I'm honestly so excited to be doing way less with social media. Keep up the great work creators, and remember to focus on what you love doing!


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