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October Update

Hey there Travellers, Time for another update! We have a few things going on with Ballad and I'm stoked to tell you about them!

Artwork by Jess who you can find on Instagram 1. Lost Tower of Ambrosia wrapped up its season 1 and it was such a blast. We had such a big involvement from the TTRPG community and I'm glad we could share the ruleset with all of you here on Patreon! 2. The next game up for our Monday schedule is being run by Ian who plays Weary in Rise of Nyarlathotep! I am very excited for this, not only because I get to be a player, but because from session 0 it already sounds like it will be an incredible game! The other players can be found on twitter at 3. The "All Hail Prince M'zi" arc is going to be our longest arc for Ballad of the Chosen Few! It's going to be about 7 episodes long and is going to have a special guest pop in next episode! 4. Rise has been so much fun and I am so excited every Tuesday where I get to play with the Randos. If you haven't joined us on Twitch or Youtube, check out our website at and check out our Rise Of Nyarlathotep section to get caught up fast! 5. Holidays are going to be a bit tricky for me because my work is nuts from Nov - Dec, so I might not be able to do a ton of audio extras but I will see what I can sneak in! 6. Check out our Threadless store for some absolutely wonderful Ballad merch! Thank you once again everyone for all your support. Without the help we receive here on Patreon we never would have been able to make these shows what they are! I wish you all a Happy Halloween! I bid you all adieu,



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