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November Update

Hey there Travellers, We survived Black Friday and I am wiped out! Things have been a bit wonky the past two months for release schedules but don't worry, come January I should have it ironed out. This time of year is always a little nuts for me so I try to slow down my workload so I don't burn out.

Artwork by Lucas Duff Some other fun notes - Nostrodamus Corp: Gradient Descent has done its third episode and is a blast! Come join us for robot hell again on Dec 13th! - Rise of Nyarlathotep has entered an adventure arc where we are playing in the Feywilds and the players are encountering powerful and mysterious twisted fey! - All Hail Prince M'zi Part 5 is out and the story is picking up steam! - Community Beauty episode 2 will be out this month, possibly episode 3!

Take care of yourselves this holiday season. Things are ramping up to be pretty bad again and it's important to look after you and yours. Until next time dear Travellers, Happy Holidays! I bid you all adieu,



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