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New Patreon One Shot Available!

Hey There Travellers! We have a brand new one shot available on our Patreon for Pay What You Want! This one shot is one of four recordings we did before we decided on who would be in the Escaping Carcosa crews! This Masks TTRPG one shot follows along a group of three super heroes who are still finding their footing. Gatoraid, a gator humanoid who was a science experiment gone wrong who lives in the sewers with their rat friend Rodeo. The Eldest, an advanced Esper who can control things with their mind. And Cresendo, the parkour enthusiast and music extraordinaire. These heroes go to a fair that is being held in Halceon where the heroes give back to the people but something goes terribly wrong. You can find that episode and many more here on our Patreon! Keep your eyes peeled as we will be adding some more one shot goodness to our Patreon soon!


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