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New Pathfinder 2e Actual Play Episode!

Escaping Carcosa Online - Day 1 E7 // We Can Be Heroes Welcome to the Ballad of the Seven Dice. We have a brand new episode out for you with our Online Crew! The party is battling against the recently discovered sub-boss known as the Chimera and Lune has just been stabbed through his stomach. With one party member down and the rest fairly injured, can they make it out of this fight alive? Or will this be the end of our online heroes?

You can find the episode on any podcast app and it will be premiering on youtube and twitch at 4 pm cst!

Marquis - Derrick / Akihiko @BardyTime Aubrey - Ryan / Nysla @MadQueenCosplay Cassie - Vanessa / Morrigan @AwesomeHylian Shen Yae - Lune Cross / Lune Cross @ShenYaeVA

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Sin and Sinners, Experiment 4, Monsters, In the Shadows, - Dark Fantasy Studio

Filip Melvan - Fable Under The Table - 05 Tavern At The End Of Road, Unexpected Crossroads, Wizards Apprentice

Swamp - Marsh of Madness in Day - WildDog Productions

Daytime Forest, Medieval City - Michaël Ghelfi Easy Going Tavern - The Jolly Judge - Maria Milewska, Doors and Portals - Heavy Wood Door - Novak Cuic, Savage Beast Claws Cloth - Olivier Girardot


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