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New Lancer Episode out & Update!

Hey there Travellers! We have another episode out of our Lancer special, Nostrodamus Corp: Phantom Ice! Our mech pilots gear up and get ready to face the dread captain pirate who leads the Righteous Bean Pirates! You can watch the episode here on our YouTube!

So things have been going great on the Ballad side of things in life. I did not realize how tired I was until I took this little break and it has been nice. That and cutting myself off of the constant spiral of social media I am starting to feel like my old self again! I have a lot of great ideas starting to brew and I have a few projects that are bubbling away in my Cauldron of To Do! We have a few cool new things that should be out this week and next, starting with a brand new one shot on our Patreon. Sign up today and you will have access to this two and a half hour Masks one shot! I'll be posting an update again tomorrow about some more stuff so stay tuned!


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