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May Update

Greetings there Travellers! Some quick updates for May. Rise of Nyarlathotep is going really well. We hit episode 13 and have setup a recap page on our website, check it out! You can also catch up on our videos on YouTube if that's your thing! We have officially finished recording the main story line of Ballad of the Chosen Few, our podcast. It was a magical time and I know you'll love it. It was not the ending I expected, but it's the ending I am glad we decided on. It felt right and I can't wait for you all to hear it.

We have finished editing another Backwater Bastards special with The Replicant! It will be a two parter and it is coming out right away on our podcast feed, so keep your eyes/ears peeled! If you want to see more of the cast, a few of us do Twitch Streaming with video games as well, so feel free to come give us a watch there if you're interested! As for the future of Ballad, it is looking good! We do aim to have another podcast story line going in the future, but first we want to finish this main one which will be 4 seasons. The next podcast we do will definitely be a lot shorter, this was quite an epic tale we are telling and it has taken a lot of creative energy to tell! If you're interested in ways to support Ballad and you're looking for more audio content, be sure to check out our Patreon! It is full of audio one shots, lore episodes, audio dramas and more! I bid you all adieu,



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