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March Update

Hey there Travellers,

Times have been busy, but a good busy! As you know our show of Rise of Nyarlathotep has been hitting the ground running. We just aired episode 6 yesterday and the party is already coming together nicely and I think I've finally figured out the sound management of Twitch. Apart from that we have finally fallen back in line with getting Ballad episodes out on the feed once more after our impromptu hiatus. I am excited to get back into the mix of editing Death Shift and their antics and we are getting incredibly close to the end of Act 2!

I have two lore episodes that I will be sending out today all about Albito and Giles Jordan Pete so expect some great content there about some good prominent characters on our Patreon! I'm hoping to get some one shots recorded for the Patreon, going to see if we can maybe get the Rise players to do a fun Nostrodamus Corporation episode where we can dive into how the Corporation has their fingers in all the pies. April I might be a little quiet as well, as we are actually moving at the end of the month! I will have a new office setup for recording and streaming and I am excited for that, but once I am all settled you better bet that I will have some great content coming your way.

The last update is that we have been hard at work behind the scenes getting some big lore drop specials coming your way. We have been sitting on a special called Evermeet: Defense of the Elves, The Replicant: The Dead Song (This is a collab with the Backwater Bastards), and The Corruption of Waterdeep. These should all be coming out very soon, within the next two months, so look forward to these!

Once again thank you all for your support, it has been a tremendous help growing Ballad and we have come so far! Honestly knowing that we have such support from fans of the show has been a huge morale booster and we can't thank you enough. We will continue to build and grow Ballad and with Rise now finally getting steady in the water we are going to look at ways to improv it for your listening and viewing pleasure! Remember to stay safe out there and take care of yourself, because if you aren't taking care of yourself then there is no way you can do the same for others. Until next time, dear Travellers!

I bid you all adieu,



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