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June Update!

Hey there Travellers! We have had a busy month! Rise of Nyarlathotep is going strong, we hit episode 17 on Tuesday and feels great! If you want to watch but feel like you can't catch up then go check out our recap page where you can read up on the latest episodes and be ready for the live ones!

Our 5 part audio drama series we are making exclusively for Patreon will be tying into Rise of Nyarlathotep, so if you want to hear more of that story then be sure to check out Rise! This miniseries follows along workers on the Nostrodamus Corporations Space Research Station and begins to raise questions.

Ballad of the Chosen Few's prologues are almost done for the 3rd Act, we are diving into a story with Detective Billowin about how the Church of the Shining God has taken Waterdeep, that will tie into the main plot. We have special guests from Modified Roll, Backwater Bastards, and Dungeon Manager! Get hyped because those two episodes are a real doozy!

We are doing a fundraiser event for The CHEW Project ! We will be having two games on July 10th, more details will be posted in the next day or two. We will have the Rise cast playing one fantasy comedy game about hunting monsters infected with BHT and we will have a Just Doctor Work game with many guests where a group of doctors work in a highly dramatized hospital dealing with supernatural illnesses.

We have a new show coming, The Lost Tower of Ambrosia. This will be a combination of streamed and podcast! We will be announcing this very soon to the open world but a quick rundown of this show. We will be combining the game You are the Dungeon by Tracy Bennett and a homebrew creation of my own, Doomed Dungeoneers. This tower has been missing for centuries and has finally shown up again and opens every 5 years. So the rotating cast will be making adventurers on the fly and diving into this ever growing dungeon and seeing if they die, find treasures, or come out empty handed and scarred. Each time adventurers go in the dungeon gets stronger and gains a new level. Anyone can guest on this show, there will be no permanent cast but there can be recurring guests if they would like! You can fill out the guesting here , all you need is a decent microphone, a camera, internet connection, and download audacity so you can record yourself locally! It will be live on Twitch and it will be edited into a podcast. We are beyond excited for this one!

That's all the updates everyone, we hope you all stay safe and make sure to get those vaccines for your windows update! We are on the new windows and it is a dream! I bid you all adieu,



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