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July Update

Hey there Travellers! We have another update for you all! July was a busy month and it was a blast. We had our first fundraising event for the CHEW Project and we managed to raise over 700 CAD! It absolutely blew our minds, our original goal was 250, then our second goal was 500. That means we almost tripled our original goal! Thank you to everyone who came out, it was so much fun having you all there and we are going to be uploading one of the shows we did, fully edited, to our main feed! Secondly we are starting up the Lost Tower of Ambrosia. The first episode airs August 2nd at 7pm and every second Monday after that. It's aiming to be biweekly and will feature a rotating cast, so expect new people each episode!! The premise of the show if you don't know is there is a tower that opens it's doors every five years and adventurers go in trying to get immortality and few leave alive and unscathed. The tower consumes the souls and grows stronger, creating new levels, traps, and monsters! We are aiming at turning those episodes into a podcast and should be putting them up on their own feed come September. In our next update we will talk more on this. Rise of Nyarlathotep is almost finished it's first season! This is exciting and time is flying playing it. We are coming up to a big battle, so if you want some high energy combat and big baddies then tune in on Twitch on Tuesdays at 6:30pm CST!

The Ballad of the Chosen Few's prologues are done and Ronee's episode will be the first to air with the new season. He had some plans that threw me for a loop so get ready for some classic Ronee fun. Lastly, since we are expanding the shows we are doing, Michelle is stepping up and going to be assisting in the editing side and helping with social media to make sure I don't get overwhelmed. Michelle will be taking care of video editing, Facebook, and Instagram! With Ballad growing continuously we are looking at creating a team to keep things moving. We will be posting more on that as it develops but look forward to some fun big things with Ballad! Alright Travellers, that is all from me for this month. Stay safe, wash those hands, get vaccinated, and wear that mask! I bid you all adieu,



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