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Looking for more ways to support Ballad of the Seven Dice and get more Ballad content? Well great news for you! We have a Patreon with tons of bonus content. The goal for our patreon is to have a central hub where we can post one shots, behind the scenes updates, and more while giving our listeners a place to help support us! You're probably wondering "But what the heck, what do you need support for?". Well aside from ever yearning validation all creators seek, the money goes towards helping us pay for a lot of different things! - Hosting Podcast + Website - Artwork - Music & SFX - A Life Size Replica of Lightning Mcqueen from Cars These things are the essentials for our show, without these we wouldn't be able to bring you the wonderful content you enjoy today. Can you break down what kind of stuff do we put on the Patreon? Sure thing! - We have one shots we do in the Ballad-verse that are not on our main feeds! - Behind the scenes video updates where Lucas discusses the direction and future of Ballad - Early Access to Escaping Carcosa Audio a week before! - Sneak peaks at future projects! We always want to find new ways to bolster our Patreon without taking away too much time from our main content that people like. If you ever have any suggestions feel free to shoot us an email at ! So now you know what our Patreon is all about and the fun stuff on it! So go on over and check it out, it's pay what you want! I bid you all adieu, Lucas


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