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Happy Halloween!

Hey there Travellers, We have just finished recording our Halloween special and I am beyond excited for you all to hear this. I actually created a Single Page TTRPG just for this one shot and it worked beyond my wildest expectations. We have a two parter coming to the main feed with special guests of Dave from Four Orbs, Cassie from the Lovelycraftians, and Seth from Cheaper by the Dungeon as well as Robert and Jason from Death Shift! This game was so damn funny, we had multiple times where we couldn't even say our lines because we were laughing too hard. I think you'll all get a kick out of it.

If you're interested in this Single Page TTRPG called Just Doctor Work, we have uploaded it to itch and have made it Pay What You Want. The premise is the Cast or Players are all Doctors in a supernatural doctor drama where they try to save patients the best they can and just try to do some god damn doctor work. It was designed to be a comedy game and I of course geared it to being very engaging for recording purposes but this could very much be played off mic and you can make up characters in literally 30 seconds, you just need a name, personality, and a specialized field of medicine.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween and stay safe out there Travellers!

- Lucas


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