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February Update / The Sacred Flame Special

Greetings Travellers,

What a month this has been! I'm sure many of you have noticed that the feed has been silent on our podcast for almost a month, for that I apologize. The reason this happened was a few factors (moving, work, starting Rise of Nyarlathotep stream, and just general exhaustion). The good news is, this Monday we are going to be back in action!

The picture attached is the lovely group of villains you all know and love. There is The Wraith who you've encountered in the special The Wraith Part 1 & 2, Father Matthews, aka the Ghoulish One, The Beast who was responsible for destroying Geldspar, and the leader of it all Dorem Highfyre! This art was done by the very talented Alyssa Fraser who can be found on Instagram and Twitter! She is the artist who did the character art for M'zi, Kalsaur, Borodon, and Ronee as well as she did the logo for Ballad! This art is a part of the big special we will be releasing on Monday, The Sacred Flame! This is an audio drama piece that takes place during the time before Dorem and her companions were turned into the villains you know today. They were actually once heroes of the Sword Coast, but the powers of the Far Realm are great.

In our special we have a number of amazing voices joining us. Michelle of Ballad plays Dorem, Taylor from ChasmQuest plays Aldrick, Lian from Bad Heroes plays Maleficent, Kieran from For Crits and Giggles plays Ethix, and Dennis from CtrlGroup plays Dalin. I am incredibly grateful for the time they have lent and the voices they've used to bring this story to life. Without all these folx, the story would be nowhere near as good as it is now.

As for other updates, Rise of Nyarlathotep has been hitting the ground running on Twitch! We have 3 episodes so far, all put up on YouTube, and the story is really kicking off in the homebrew world of Loch Realta that Michelle and myself have created. I've been hard at work learning video editing skills and learning the ways of Twitch, which fight me every time we stream haha. We have also hit Affiliate on Twitch in the first month, which is super rad and really warms the team's hearts as it shows us just how interested folx are in listening to our stories. So if you love Ballad I can't recommend enough for you to check out Rise, and as all the creators out there say subscribe and follow us on YouTube and Twitch, as it helps us grow and motivates us!

Some future updates I'm going to be working on soon is doing a bunch of work on the website to get Rise info and Loch Realta info up so people can check that out. I'm going to be making more lore episodes for the world and I'll be posting a poll soon about a few things that could come to Patreon. I'm also hoping to get maybe another Nostrodamus one shot recorded for Patreon, as i really love making them and I want to make sure we are putting up content for all of you supporting us, as it really means a lot to us that you help us not only improve the show but help us get amazing art like this one to really bring things to life. I hope you all are having a good and safe February, let's all get through this 2021 together and remember to stay safe!

I bid you all adieu,



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