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August Update

Greetings Travellers,

Here is a little run down on everything we have been doing as of the month of August!

- Rise of Nyarlathotep Season 1 finale! Wow what a finale it was, there was so much destruction and amazing cinematic moments. Those players are top notch and the moves they did and the character choices they ran with blew me away and I'm so happy to have them!

- Rise of Nyarlathotep High Noon! We are running a 3 part special with Sade and Cassie of the Lovelycraftians and Lian and Drea of Bad Heroes. They have done an incredible job so far with the first part of High Noon and I'm very excited to see what they do. We are using a TTRPG called Gunsight, which is a wild west TTRPG, so a ton of fun!

- 4ck-4ck audio drama adventure is starting up again! The third episode is now up on our Patreon so be sure to check that out! We even have a "Choose your own adventure" theme to these episodes where Patrons vote to determine the direction of the story. For just $3 a month you can have access to hours of additional audio content! Once we have wrapped up 4ck-4ck's story we are going to look at starting a new audio drama, maybe with a certain blade of darkness?

- Kalsaur's big character reveal arc just wrapped up, The Sins of the Silver Shield! I have been sitting on the info surrounding this arc for so long, Brent really let me go to town with Kalsaur's backstory. Make sure to give this arc a listen as it will reveal a good chunk of what Kalsaur has going on.

- Hate Raids have been happening more frequently and are god awful. Don't be flippant about them, they are done by racist trash people who should be flung into the sun. Twitch needs to do better. If you're like "But Twitch is pretty good about things!" remember that it is owned by Amazon and Bezos went on an almost space ride for fun using tons of cash and it didn't even put a dent into his wealth. They can afford some top notch devs to make some safety tools.

- Youtube video editing fell behind as we were switching PCs, should have videos start popping up again soon! Keep your eyes peeled! Also we have been doing dual streaming on both Twitch and Youtube. So if you wish to avoid Twitch with everything going on, then feel free to watch us on Youtube!

- Bernard character art is done by the very talented PaladinPenn and was graciously commissioned by Jess who plays Glyph in Rise!

- Sign up for Lost Tower of Ambrosia, all are welcome! Episode 3 is happening on the 6th at 7 pm CST and you don't need to see any of the prior episodes to understand what's going on. Think of it like a series of one shots that are loosely connected. Expect high PC death rate and a lot of traps, monsters, and more!

Thank you all for your support and watching our stories online! We can't wait to jump back into the mix. With the help of Patreon support we have also upgraded everyone's mics so expect some smooth audio for Season 2 of Rise of Nyarlathotep!

I bid you all adieu,



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