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April Update

Hey there Travellers,

As you may have heard April has been a wild month for us here at Ballad! I, Lucas, moved to a new house with Michelle (Dorem) and that basically ate up a good portion of the month and some of the last, and now i have a dedicated space for recording so I am very excited to get to town creating some amazing things and now that I am settled i can finally get back into the groove of editing! Secondly we have officially finished recording the main storyline for Ballad. It ended on such a beautiful note I know you all will really love it when it comes out. That being said, don't worry we have a lot of episodes still to air so you will be hearing about Death Shift for some time now!

On top of all that jazz we are still going strong with Rise of Nyarlathotep, which is live every Tuesday so be sure to catch that goodness and we toss that up on the YouTubes if you ever want to catch up. I'm planning on creating something on our website that will make it easy for you to catch up on Rise in case you fall behind and want to watch the new stuff.

So as for Patreon, things have been a little wild the last two months so I have not been able to get around to everything I wanted to do. I do have a few audio goodies I'll be popping on here but the big thing I really want to do is do some more one shots for you all. I feel like there is some great opportunity to explore our new world of Loch Realta, explore more of they mysterious Nostrodamus Corporation, and even dip into some backstories of characters you already know and love.

Well that is my ramble for our month of April! Thank you all Travellers for your continued support and we are so excited to see what the future holds!

I bid you all adieu,



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