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2019 Year In Review

Hello Travelers,

2019 was an amazing year for us!

Ballad got some official art of our main characters outside the Inn of the Seven Dice

We had our first LIVE SHOW in May and it went better than we could have dreamed! We are so grateful to everyone who came out to support us! We were unfortunately unable to record it, however a retelling of the show by Wingover Gimble can be found on our Patreon.

Lucas (DM, Wingover Gimble) and Michelle (Dorem) repped Ballad at GENCON where we met up with and made a bunch of awesome friends! We also got the chance to attend a diverse range of AP live shows and we learned a lot. It was an incredible experience and one that we will never forget.

Our second annual HALLOWE'EN SPECIAL came out in October and featured a candy heist of the highest prestige.

We had our second LIVE SHOW in November and it KNOCKED OUR SOCKS OFF! There was an incredible amount of audience participation and we were blown away by everyone's energy and enthusiasm! We hope to get the audio up on Patreon soon.

A year and a half after we started, our FIRST SEASON FINALE came out in November!

Our second annual CHRISTMAS SPECIAL featured Dave from Four Orbs, Jeremy from Midnight Kingdoms and Seth from Cheaper By The Dungeon. The true spirit of Christmas and friendship shone through and everyone learned the true meaning of C.P.R.

Jason (Draxir) joined us as a regular cast member and we couldn't be luckier!

On top of this, we were able to collaborate with so many amazing people from several other actual plays. We are so grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to work with so many talented and creative people.

There is much to come in 2020 for Ballad of the Seven Dice, so stay tuned!


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