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The World of Loch Realta

The world that is known as Loch Realta was once a desolate planet, devoid of life. The waters were poisonous, the air above the sea was a constant raging maelstrom that would destroy all, and the earth was sick from the waters that fed it for centuries. When a hole appeared in the fabric of reality and the creatures began escaping from The Far Realms, the gods across the numerous worlds in the multiverse had to come together to discuss this. Naturally none could agree on anything except that this hole needed to be taken care of. A temporary solution was put in place. They would take a world and place it in that tear to hold the line while they thought up a more permanent solution.

They migrated numerous species to this planet alongside making it livable, creating land, food, and an environment to thrive in. They gave them magical defenses in the forms of the greatest magi-tech that has ever been created. They filled the world with magic to allow for the people to fight back with vigor and strength. They left them Draconic Protectors to watch over them and guide them in the battles to come. They even gifted them artifacts around the world to aide them in building their homes. Three thousand years has passed since those days. The wars never came. The creatures never stirred. The people slowly forgot why they were there and the magi-tech fell into disrepair for there was no reason to use it. Kingdoms grew, families were had, and generation after generation came and the memories of their purpose left them more and more. Few now remember why they came to the lands of Loch Realta, but the creatures of the Far Realms never forgot and they have begun to stir.

The Creation

A tale of creation, the deities of the multiverse came together to ensure the lands of Loch Realta were livable and bountiful.

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