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The Creation

When the gods found the world of Loch Realta it was a chaotic and destructive land where life could not exist. The waters were filled with poison, the earth below was sickly, and a great maelstrom raged across the entire planetside. The gods decided this was the best planet to choose as they would not disturb any existing kingdoms and send them to their doom.

First the deities of wind and storm stepped into the world, to calm the storm for their siblings to work. They battled the storm itself for days, losing one of their own against this poisonous maelstrom. At the end of their great battle they were able to push it back across half the planet, and when they found their sibling's body they had it placed inside a great magi-tech machine so they may live on, flying in the skies and holding back the great storm. They became known as The Great Machine of Spierguard, the guardian of the winds and seasons.

The deities of earth and stone arrived next, needing to raise the earth from the ocean bed to create great continents, islands, mountains, and valleys. They knew this task would be difficult, seeing how much their siblings before them struggled. First they drew forth a great pillar in the center of the area that was cleared. There they danced for fifteen days, their footwork reverberated throughout the planet and shifted earth and stone loose. The poison of the land burned their lungs and scorched their feet. They danced through this crippling pain and on the fifteenth night they all jumped as one and brought down a great reverberation that echoed through the planet, pushing the land upwards and creating the continents we see today. When the dust settled the deities were no more, instead there was just a great mountain range that made up the central isle.

The deities worried how many more this land would claim and decided it was best that they begin to deal with the poison that had claimed many already. Even though the earth deities raised the land above the sea it was still sickly and the air hung with a staleness to it. A group of deities dedicated to purity and healing walked the lands, chanting and sprinkling oils and waters for seven days and seven nights. The poison whispered to them their doom and told them their actions were futile. As the deities wandered the poison sneakily slipped into their robes and began to infect the otherwise pure beings. As the days passed they grew sickly and their walks slowed but they understood the dangers of not having this land and pressed on. When they had finally purified the lands the earth deities brought together, they all had arrived at a cliff facing the sea. Together they joined hands as the sun peaked over the horizon. The other deities gasped as they saw the pantheons of purity and healing were covered in sores, open wounds, and were all blinded from the poison. They smiled pained smiles as they felt the sun's rays cast upon them and all of them fell into the ocean, completing their last task of purifying the waters.

Now that the earth, sky, and waters were right, the last ingredient was life. A great and old deity stood above the planet looking in. Their wizened eyes saw all the possibilities that were just waiting to spring forth. They clasped the planet in their hands and tears began falling onto the planet. This was the first rainfall of the newly created Loch Realta. As the rain fell, light glimmered among the rain drops. Theses shining orbs of light hurtled across the lands, springing forth plants and animals wherever they went. Great forests of trees shattered through the earth, springing hundreds of feet tall. Endless plains of waving grass formed as though creating a green sea. Hardy plants and animals took to the mountains and brought life where there was just stone and the deserts blossomed with the life that was only apparent to a watchful eye. As life spread throughout the Tendrils, the air grew sweet with the smell of flowers and fruit. Resources were bountiful and all that would live here would never fear of having nothing to fill their stomachs. Two last tear drops fell from the god's eyes. One tear drop turned into a beautiful shining light, falling towards the valley that would be known as The Wilds, giving life to great and powerful beasts. The other tear drop was caught by a strange wind and flew into the Maelstrom. It sailed for days and days before falling into the great oceans and life sprang forth in the unknown seas.

Pleased with their work, the deities looked down at the planet that would be their first line of defense. It claimed many divine lives, but was a necessary tool to combat against the creatures of the Far Realms. Great magi-tech was outfitted in each land and deities of plenty ensured that the lands were rich in every resource imaginable, even some new ones. As the building blocks were in place, the next step was the great migration.

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