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Wilbur Whately

Priest of the Shining God



Wilbur Whateley is a descendant of a family who bred with fey. Always having close ties to nature as a result of his ancestry he quickly found his faith in the arms of the nature goddess. Known for being a kind man people would often come to his sermons, even if they were not of faith. He was known for having features like that of a satyr, a goatish face, a strange odor, and some claim he had hair growing from his waist down but he was always fully covered and seemed a bit shy to show anyone.

Wilbur was brought into the Shining God’s church by the selfless actions of Father Solomon Matthews but found out that he was duped and there was a more malicious scheme at work. Not being a warrior at heart he seeks out someone who could protect him from these horrible cultists.

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