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The Wraith


Emptied One


Once known as Maleficent, The Wraith is an Far Realms being who has been locked in the Mirror World. Once the rogue of the merry group called The Sacred Flame, Maleficent was childhood friends of Solomon, Aldreck, and Dorem. A sassy and prankster type person, she kept the group laughing even in the darkest of times. After she was corrupted by the Far Realms, she was turned into a creature that should not exist. She is completely hollow, with a connection to a void darker than the space between the stars inside of her. Her eyes, her nose, her mouth, all are just pitch black hollows. When you see her your mind screams, shouting for you to either run from her or destroy her. She travels between the mirror world and our world to carry out Dorem’s assassinations or reconnaissance.

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