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The Illithid

The Free Illithid



The mindflayer that escaped M'zi's hunt when he first went on a hunt with Zin, these Illithid freed themselves from their enslavement to their Elderbrain. The day that happened an Ulitharid came by to these Illithid to tell them about the teachings of their long forgotten god, Cthulhu. Long has he slept and now he needs to awaken, and the Illithid are the ones who must do it.

The Illithid were enraptured by the words of this Ulitharid but were distraught because the Elderbrain forbid them from leaving and learning more of Cthulhu. That's when the Ulithard proposed something so simple yet so forbidden to the Illithid; consume the Elderbrain.

They feasted and the slaves screamed the screams of the Elderbrain, but the Illithid did not stop. The act of eating their central source of their hive mind connection caused all of them to suddenly be disconnected from one another for the first time since their birth. This drove them mad trying to figure out who they were and what they knew. The Ulithard stitched numbers onto each of their robes, 1 - 13. With their minds at ease and their sense of self slowly forming, they marched to their ship with new purpose. They would sail to the world of Abir Toril, and they would awaken Cthulhu who slumbers deep in the oceans of Faerun.

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