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The Beast


Mutated Human


There are some things that should have died and stayed dead, The Beast is one of them. Once known as the barbarian Alderick Matthews of the Sacred Flame and twin brother of Solomon Matthews, Alderick was corrupted by the Far Realms and turned into a monstrosity. Now only seeking destruction and death, Alderick has become a monstrosity of epic proportions. Standing eight feet tall this headless beast towers above those who dare come near him.

His skin is all missing revealing muscles and tendons and his feet and hands end in massive claws to complement the already gruesome tree trunk sized appendages. Two long tentacles arc about his body ending in spiny grips that seem to move on their own. The most disturbing feature of this creature however is the twisted smiling human face that is embedded in his chest chattering away about a Shining God and the taste of your flesh. Each step it takes towards you seems to darken the ground around it and make a squishing sound, like rotten meat slapping the floor and being pressed.

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