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"Welcome Traveller, I suppose we were going to meet here eventually, weren't we? As a bard, I venture that my craft thrives and for that I need your help. We have an assortment of new stories to tell you, insight into our heroes' minds, and perhaps now and again a tale of far far away in lives long lost to the modern times of the Forgotten Realms." - Wingover Gimble, Famous Gnome Bard

Hey there folks! So you're thinking about how you can help out Ballad. First of all, I just want to say thanks for giving this a look, it means a lot. There are a lot of ways you can help us, spread the word, share us with your friends and Elder Gods, rate and review us, and even just talk to those sentient shadows in the closet! The other way you can help us out is on Patreon. There we have loads of bonus stuff for you and it's just getting more and more packed! We have monster pdfs, bonus episodes, audio journals, and you can even help create monsters, npcs, and magic items! 

So if you're interested, check out the link below! You won't be disappointed, I assure you!


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