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Rise of Nyarlathotep Starter Page

So you've heard the great news about how rad Rise of Nyarlathotep is and you want to listen. You go to check it out and there is so much content. Where do you start? Who are these characters? Why do they keep committing arson? Well this starter kit should help answer at least some of those questions!

What is Rise of Nyarlathotep?

Rise of Nyarlathotep is a Dungeons and Dragons horror comedy Twitch show. Our story follows a group of adventurers who have been dubbed The Randos. The party consists of: Alora an anxious Godling Druid with a deep connection to the divine and natural world; TK-37 a Telekinetic Enhanced Goblin who was the subject of many experimentations and is missing their memories; Weary a Tiefling Artificer whose love of alchemical science and desire for knowledge drives them on their journey; Glyph an Automata Rogue who has recently gained sentience and has a mysterious connection to the Bywood & Bywood Corporation; Kratoq a Plumerian Bard whose life goal is to bring the joys of music to all and become the Divine Voice. Through a job they acquired at the Adventurer's Guild they have been wrapped up in the machinations of the Cult of True Chaos.

Our story revolves around eccentric NPCs, numerous subplots building up the main story, and high energy combat with cinematic scenes. If you're a fan of character development, characters wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and a strange new world be sure to join us Tuesdays at 6:30 PM CST on Twitch!

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What is Rise
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Alora (They/Them)

Our Godling Druid who walks their own path, even if it takes them to the moon and back. Alora has a unique connection to the Demigods and their empathy may be the bridge the Randos need.

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TK-37 (She/Her)

Our Enhanced Telekinetic Goblin has undergone many experiments gaining incredible powers but losing her memories. TK has stepped up to the fearless leader role and has a number of inspirational speeches in her pocket.

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Weary (They/Them)

Our Tiefling Artificer can be rather blunt at times but their heart is always in the right place. With their scientific mind and open heart, Weary has become a solid pillar for the Randos to lean on.

The Randos
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Glyph (They/Them)

Our Automata Rogue with scrambled data logs and a mysterious connection to these 5 masks. Glyph seeks to understand and potentially fix their sentience bug, as the burden of individuality is great.

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Kratoq (He/Him)

Our Plumerian bard who brings joy and music to all, especially our Randos. Not one to step down from a challenge, Kratoq aims to become the greatest musician and the Divine Voice of Plumeria.

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One of the richest automata merchants in the world, St3v3 purchased this spot even though they aren't on the team.

What's happened so far?

Our story has been a wild ride! We split our story up into arcs for an easy catch up. Click the arc below and it will take you to our recap page where we have audio and written recaps on episodes past!


In this arc our heroes meet for the first time and encounter the Cult of True Chaos

Port Divinarium


Road to Transmutia

In this arc our heroes make their way to Transmutia, following the Cult of True Chaos



In this arc our Randos stop off in Transmutia and experience what the city has to offer!


In this arc our Randos make it to Enchantland and find things are far too perfect here.

In this arc the Randos are on the run as a powerful magic item spurs them into conflict

The Cybernetic Mask


The Tragedy of Greenest 

In this arc our Randos have at last made it to Greenest, but so has the Cult's army.

The Road so Far
st3v3 in colour.png

In this season 2 prologue we follow a band of gunslingers as they investigate a mysterious explosion.

High Noon


The first arc of Season 2, our Randos dive through a series of painful memories 

Doom Cube

In this arc, our Randos relax and regroup after being legally dead 

The Forethought of Adventuring


In this arc the Randos get tangled up dealing with the Fey of the Warped Court

The Warped Woods

This arc follows the Randos as they enter Croaken Valley chasing after Rezmir

Croaken Valley

The Randos have arrived at an alien desert and need to break into The Facility

Temple of the Crawling Chaos

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