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Rise of Nyarlathotep Cast

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Lucas (He/Him)

GM / Every Weird NPC

Lucas is the DM of Rise of Nyarlathotep. He loves bringing in weird NPCs, twisted abominations, and eccentric shop keepers. He loves all things TTRPG and has guested in a number of other podcasts such as Lovelycraftians, Four Orbs, Gnomercy, and Multiclass Theatre.  He also dabbles in game development, having created two TTRPGs; Just Doctor Work and Doomed Dungeoneers.

You can also find Lucas DMing the Ballad of the Seven Dice podcast as well as The Lost Tower of Ambrosia on the Ballad of the Seven Dice Twitch Channel. 

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Eve (She/Her) / TK-37 (She/Her)

Goblin of the Enhanced Project

TK-37 is a telekinetic goblin super soldier. After months of having her body and mind altered nearly beyond recognition, she awoke and proceeded to tear her way through the research facility containing her and out of the Deep to make her escape. Ever since she's been on the run. From what little clues she's been able to piece together from her scrambled memories and the tattoos on her body, she determined she was once a member of the notorious Fellstone mercenary corporation. Now, having made a pact with the demigod of war, she aims to get her vengeance for everything stolen from her through whatever means necessary.


Eve Smith (she/her) tries to be active in the podcasting community as much as possible. She previously starred in the Brits On Bikes podcast as Dee, appeared in multiple charity streams, participated in several Critical Bits projects, played many roles in terrible no-budget horror movies, and streams games on a semi regular basis on the Ballad of the Seven Dice Twitch channel. She is currently working in a thankless nowhere job she hates, but is fighting for a world where nobody has to live like that ever again.

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Meg (She/They) / Alora (They/Them)

Godling Druid

Alora is a nomadic Godling Druid who hasn't yet unlocked their true potential, both magical and not. They've wandered around Loch Realta since they were young, trying to live and learn and survive the wonders and chaos of the world. Their hair succulent, the Cathedral Window Haworthia, not only holds hair back, but has magic of its own that Alora has slowly gotten to navigate over the years, and they also have a knack for creating healing mud salves that have helped many they have encountered over the years. Maybe one day they'll find their parents, or even find out the true potential of their magic.


Meg (They/She) has been in the TTRPG world for only a few years and can most recently (fall of 2020) be seen in as Klaradeen, a dragonborn cleric, in Modern Gods on Gnomedic's twitch channel VODS as well as a few one shots . They are currently an elementary music educator in Texas working with students who are severely under privileged, and tries to play ttrpgs when she gets a chance.

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Ian (He/They)/ Weary (They/Them)

Tiefling Artificer

Weary is best described as caring, whip smart, and socially inept. Raised in the desert kingdom of Sekhotep under the guidance of a renowned alchemist, they first learned the love of their art when they developed a cure for a fungal blight affecting the local crops. Between this and a growing need to take care others Weary started seeking to be a skilled healer and herbalist through alchemy. Before becoming an adventurer, Weary was scouted for M.A.G.I.C. (a secret society devoted to stopping apocalyptic magic from coming to pass). While working for M.A.G.I.C. in an archaeological dig, Weary found a strange magical scabbard that they were allowed to keep and met a handsome guard that was immediately more meaningful than any old artifact. They started a whirlwind romance with this guard, another tiefling named Trust and for a moment things made sense. These good times didn't last, Weary's relationship fell apart when Trust left to join military service and in an ill advised fit of anger Weary left his apprenticeship for M.A.G.I.C. early and stowed away on to a sailing vessel ship. They would tell a stranger they left to learn more of the alchemy of the outside world but deep down it was more motivated by angst and feeling abandoned. Thankfully Weary hasn't had any time to sit and sort out these feelings ever since they joined the Randos due to the Cult of Chaos rising in the immediate vicinity.

Ian (He/They) has been running and playing TTRPGS for the last 7 years but has entertained for an audience only this last year. They can be found running and playing TTRPGS at home and in the podcast space. They are currently a mental health counselor in Florida, work with people with addictions, and love getting to play fantastical characters with friends.

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Jess (She/Her) / Glyph (They/Them)

Automata Rogue

Though at first glance they may pass for an ordinary organic person, Glyph is actually a mechanical being known as an Automata. Newly-sentient, they have travelled a long and tiring road from the dreary industrialized Foundry of Steel to reach the magic-rich lands of the Arcanium. Glyph has one main goal: to locate an Arcanium machinist who can build them a new face and resolve the many troubling side-effects of sentience. Unfortunately, free will is baffling and emotions are messy, and Glyph's strong feelings and rash decisions quickly complicate things for everyone.

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Jason (He/Him) / Kratoq (He/Him)

Plumerian Bard

Kratoq is a birdfolk bard of Plumerian descent. He is inspired by the real life superb bird of paradise. Kratoq is a nomad and loves to travel around everywhere, bringing song and unpredictability wherever he goes.  He learned how to play many instruments at a young age, and carries with him a lute wherever he goes in order to  bring song to any locale. Although successful in Plumeria, Kratoq decided to roam the various lands of Loch Realta in order to bring the joy of music to desolate towns, as well as discover new styles and genres. Kratoq plans to one day return to Plumeria when he has gathered sufficient skill to try and win the Divine Voice, which is not only a prestigious award but also the head governing position in Plumeria.

Jason has previously played in the Ballad of the Chosen Few (Ballad of the Seven Dice’s first podcast) as Draxir. He has DMed a few games in the past, and participated in some various one-shots as well. Outside of TTRPGs, he primarily plays ARPGs like Path of Exile, and collects various TCGs and some gaming memorabilia.

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