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Thank you for saying this!

I've been listening for a while and I would have never commented on any of your content. I played quite a bit of D&D as a kid and was fortunate enough, or unfortunate enough to be an editor and do some visual effects on Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight and a few other Marvel cartoons in another life. Anyway. Not my point. I love that you took a moment to say #blacklivesmatter. I work on a lot of political activist content and use this podcast to decompress and think of better days and to just take a break. It really made me smile and feel like we are going to make a difference by standing up against racism. I'm in the US and live in the south so I experience racism often on social media, especially from the people that represent me in Washington. I actively engage the system locally, but it really takes a toll. I had no idea you were in Canada, but because you said this, I feel one better about the world. I am part Cuban and part American since the 1600s, members my family have escaped Cuba and had to cross across the Rio Grand to escape fascism. My family fought in just about every major war America waged, including both sides of the Civil War. I have engaged racist members of my own family since I was a kid and it is likely one of the more difficult things that I have dealt with in my life. Racism in America is a pandemic that cannot be left unchecked. The justics system is clearly bias and we are not all represented or given the same opportunity to succeed in this life. I really appreciate you saying this. I listened to you before, but I think because of this I am a fan. Keep it up! Fantastic stories. Love the shining god so much. Like real love. Devout love. Unending forever love... A shining squeezing, oozing, endless putrid yellow phosphorescence kind of love... And a I consider myself an atheist. I don't know why I love the shining god so much. #BlackLivesMatter!

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