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Silent Hill Meets Epic High Fantasy

The devil's in the details. A Faerun conceptualized with elements of eldritch-style horror and macabre, bringing darker themes and a fate worse than death for the PCs should they fail in their fated task. Fans of all of the aforementioned should should start with Ballad of the Seven Dice for their DnD Actual Play Podcast. Expect thematic production, twisted villains, and, of course, plenty of cringe-worthy gore. If you're on the hunt for a strong narrative bent to your Actual Play Pods, this DM crafts a nuanced, gradual build in plot progression with excellent restraint. While the players journey through the story, you know something incredibly huger than them is churning, the sense of an enormous hourglass steadily losing grains, a feeling of many stories being told even if you're largely seeing only the one. If you find yourself wanting for more when it comes to immersive storytelling in your Actual Plays, this DM's craft will give you both that visual, sensory, and even psychological setting in your headspace. His description and story pacing will drop you right into the scene with the players and effortlessly carry you along. This is not a podcast you space out to. Listen closely, note the details, because things come back around and you don't want to be caught off your guard.

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