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Literally Transported My Soul

Ballad of the seven dice is so incredibly immersive. The production quality is top notch and everything is so tastefully edited. However, a show isnt good on production alone, you need a killer cast to truly ascend and this show has it! M'zi, Ronee, Kalsaur, and Brodon all have such an interesting dynamic with each other and also stand alone as intriguing characters. Lucas the DM has a scary mind too. This story is at times terrifying and filled with horrofying imagery and ridiculously tense moments that will make you sweat (pull over while driving during these moments if you are listening in a car). But Lucas weaves a tale for his players that pushes them to the brink and honestly its pushing me too, he is not afraid to do anything to his players. Oh before I forget npc voices on point. All in all this show is a wild ride of emotions but it is so well done that you are going to want to hang on and listen carefully to every word. Now go listen.

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