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Fantastic. Really fantastic.

Not going to lie, I started off with this podcast with a low level of enthusiasm. It has a low listenership, but the ones that did listen seemed to have great things to say, so I pushed forward. Man am I glad I did. They deserve so much more attention. I was pushing along through the intros, and then something really popped out at me during Ronee’s character introduction. Nothing big. Something so small and mentioned as a side note that it made it so apparent that this DM made this story so realistic and plausible that I could immerse myself into the story. This is a fantastic actual play podcast with a wonderful story and a lingering evil that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The mini-episodes really bring the danger to life and help bring a cinematic feel. It helps you understand that there is life beyond our four heroes. I’m not caught up, but I’m deep into this bard’s tale and already know I will anxiously await new episodes once I’m current with the feed.

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