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Half Elf

College of Glamour Bard

Ronee O'Connell, the half elf bard, was born to be a star. Swearing to himself that he wouldn't stop until he became famous, Ronee practiced his lounge singing like anyone else, in a bar. Living in a world that is dominated by trends and fads, Lounge Singing became very popular when a CD containing the best of Dean Martin fell from the sky. For a short period of time, everyone dropped their jobs to be lounge singers, and Ronee was right there in the thick of it. Now Ronee is the only one who stuck with it and is dedicated to becoming famous doing so.

Thirty five, washed up, with a bad spray on tan, a pompadour, platform flip flops, and just enough sequins, Ronee is ready to take the world by storm! Though plan as he might, he certainly did not plan on becoming famous across the stars.

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