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Paladin of Vengeance

Kalsaur, the tieflings paladin, was born to a small village of tieflings that wholly embraced their demonic nature. They prided themselves in their cruel and unusual rituals and when it came time for Kalsaur to take on his Bloodletting ritual to Orcus, he refuses and as a result was enslaved by his village. Kept in a cage unless he was going chores, Kalsaur was on the brink of giving up on life when he was visited by a cyan light, telling him to hold out and that help was on its way. That same night the Paladins of the Silver Shield came to his rescue and slaughtered the village.

After this he was taken to the pocket dimension where he was raised to be a hero, and follow the path of Yaggdytha, the patron deity of the Silver Shield. At age 26 he was almost ready to make his mark on the world. Naive and with a strong sense of justice, Kalsaur was ripped from the world he knew and shoved into one of warfare and madness

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