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Iron Guardian Artificer

Draxir hails from the world of Haymor and was a well known mechanical engineer. After serving his required time in the military he met his wife Malriel and quickly fell in love. A father of two bright young boys, Draxir worked for the kingdom of Tempest as they forged their eternal war against the Kingdoms of Bane, Tyr, and Torm. Building an assortment of magi-tech tanks, robots, and weapons, Draxir's heart slowly became more and more tired of the eternal war and the lives it would claim each day. The newly appointed King had great ambitions for their war and demanded that work on the magi-tech be increased tenfold, which resulted in heavy magical pollution. Once lush fields turned to muddy grounds, rain fell that changed the colour and taste of things, animals were mutated by the dense levels of arcane energy. All for the sake of progress in this never ending battle.

One day Draxir slipped up, he made a mistake, and was sentenced to death which meant he would forever be fighting on the front lines until it claimed his life. Little did he know that this tiny design flaw that he introduced into a tank would result on him taking a journey to save the multiverse.

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