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Cleric of Knowledge

Borodon the dwarven cleric, son of Borodin is the third born of four in the Royal Family of Mons Regnum. Raised and trained to be a royal adviser to good brother Galdin, he walked the path of the cleric in order to help his brother and his kingdom the best he could. One prominent characteristic Borodon has is his Golden arms. All dwarven citizens of Mons Regnum dip their arms into a special ore, Argentum, and mix it with the metal of their class. Being royal, his was gold.

After their father Borodin passed from a mysterious disease, Borodon's training was sped up so he could take the seat beside his brother and new King, Galdin. With the fate of his people weighing on his shoulders, and the pain of his father's passing fresh in his mind, Borodon now must be ready more than ever to save the very people he swore he would help lead.

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